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Garage Floor Services

Providing Everything You Need to Transform Your Garage Floors 

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Garage Floor Coatings 

Sick of your old, tired, stained garage floor? Let Garage Floor Professionals help you transform your garage into a space you're proud to show off! With a wide range of color & texture options, alongside our durable polyaspartic coating, we can turn your garage floor vision into a reality. 

Polyaspartic Benefits
For Your Garage Floor

  • 1-Day Installation (not 2-3 days)

    • Get back to enjoying your garage FAST!

  • Impact & Stain Resistant

    • Ideal for garage workshops, gyms & car maintenance​!

  • 100% UV Stable 

    • Never worry about your floors yellowing​ or fading!

  • Easy Maintenance & Cleaning 

    • Just use warm water & soap​!

  • Non-Slip Texture

    • Grip that won't let you slip​!

  • Long Lasting

    • 15-year warranty to back-up industrial grade strength!

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Add Value To Your Home

Home projects not only increase the look & functionality of your home, but also add to the overall property value. Many home projects require a larger financial & time investment while often disrupting your personal life. 

Polyaspartic floor coatings can add around $4 per square foot to your home's value, requiring a fraction of the financial & time commitment other home projects take. Our non-disruptive, 1-day install is the hassle-free solution to beautify, strengthen & add value to your home. 


Installation Process 

Transform Your Floor In Just One Day 


Surface Preparation 

To ensure proper adhesion, we use diamond grinders & HEPA certified dust collection system to remove any existing particulate from the grinding process.



Apply polyaspartic base coat. 


Scrape Excess Chips 

Once the polyaspartic base coat has cured, the installer will remove excess chip build-up.


Concrete Repair 

Repair cracks, pitting, or any existing flaws that may be in the concrete using a high adhesion mender. 


Blended Flake 

Chips are applied generously to ensure full coverage & added protection as well as a non-slip texture. 


Clear Coat 

Apply UV resistant polyaspartic clear top coat using floor rollers.

Flooring System Features

One Day Installation 

4x Stronger Than Epoxy

100% UV Stable

Year Round Installation

Slip & Stain Resistant 

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Choose The Perfect Color

Another amazing benefit to polyaspartic floor coatings is the wide variety of flake color & design options. This highly customizable feature allows homeowners to choose an option that compliments their home or lifestyle preferences. 

Base-Coat Color & Flake Options

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